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Health Insurance

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Health Coverage For Individual and Families

Health insurance is a way to safeguard your finances when the unexpected happens.  The average trip to the emergency room starts at $150.00 just for the visit.  You can see how things can add up from there.  When you enroll in health insurance you are making sure that you you will have a support structure set in place for the inevitable.  We all get sick, we all get hurt, the only question is how much will it cost us?


Individual Plans


Family Plans

Is Obamacare for me?

Insurance companies used to be able to discriminate based on gender and pre-existing condition. Under the ACA, insurers can no longer deny coverage to people with a pre-existing condition or charge higher fees to women for receiving the same services as men. When you apply for health insurance now, you’ll be accepted for coverage regardless of your demographic or health needs. There are other built-in benefits to the new healthcare law. In an effort to make sure that people get the right coverage, the ACA requires all new health insurance plans created after March 23, 2010 to cover “ten essential benefits.”


These benefits are:

  • Emergency care

  • Hospitalization

  • Lab testing

  • Maternity care before, during and after labor

  • Mental health counseling services

  • Outpatient or ambulatory care

  • Pediatric services

  • Prescription drugs

  • Preventative services

  • Rehabilitative care and related equipment



You may not need all of these benefits during your lifetime, but you have the option under the ACA to take advantage of these services without worrying about whether your insurance provider will accept the claim or not. Plus, you’ll gain access to preventative care that can help doctors catch and treat problems before they become serious.


Not only do you gain the benefit of routine care and affordable options, but you’ll also be better protected under the new law when it comes to dropped coverage. Insurance companies can no longer drop you from their policies for arbitrary reasons. Also, your insurer has to spend at least 80 percent of collected premiums on healthcare. The new law holds insurance companies accountable for their spending and policymaking.


Do I make too much for the subsidy?

The subsidy can be received on incomes up to $100k.

What if I have Medicare?

Original Medicare, the health coverage you can get when you turn 65 or have a qualifying disability, consists of Medicare Part A and Part B. Part A provides hospital insurance, and Part B (medical insurance) covers doctor visits; preventive services like certain screenings and vaccinations; durable medical equipment; and other services and items. But Part A can come with substantial annual deductible and copayments or coinsurance for certain inpatient services. Medicare Part B also has copayments, coinsurance, a monthly premium, and an annual deductible. Medicare Supplement  (also known as Medigap and MedSupp) insurance can help downsize your Original Medicare cost burden. For example, some plans pay the Medicare Part A deductible.  There are a lot of variables and we always recommend giving us a call up so we can work hand in hand to find the right product for your needs.

Four Types Of Medicare

Medicare Part A

Hospital Coverage


Medicare Part B

Medical Coverage

Pan_Blue_Circle (1).png

Medicare Part C

Combines A and B

Pan_Blue_Circle (2).png

Medicare Part D

Prescription Coverage

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